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06 Feb 2018

Pro Set-Up

Students of the guitar and accomplished players alike generally agree a Pro Set-Up compliments the learning process, whilst improving the overall feel and playability of your instrument.  Hardwood fretboards are treated with my own formula polish to help feed and protect the wood from grime and moisture achieving a dry fast tack free odourless finish avoiding the use of sticky slow to absorb oils which can over time build up to a nasty difficult to remove mess if over applied.

My goal is to set- up your instrument as you would like it to play without personal bias or preference, for example fast ' on the frets ' actions and light strings for guitars do not necessarily improve tonal quality or note clarity and represent only a narrow band in the spectrum of style and choice of set - up for stringed instruments , this service is available for all stringed instruments from mandolins to 8 string basses acoustic or solid. 

It is unwise to attempt this process on a D.I.Y. level as permanent damage to your instrument may result, Internet vid's etc are often misleading and unhelpful. Before trusting an operative with your precious instrument it might be a good idea to ask them to show you a fully functioning instrument constructed exclusively by themselves from raw materials ( not assembled from a kit ) as proof of their '' Luthier skills '' before you commit.

Most new mass produced instruments hardly ever display their full playing potential straight out of the box, not even the pricey ones, this fact has changed little in the 41 years I have been optimising stringed instrument performance.
Please think carefully before attempting this process without prior experience, as I often have to refuse distraught guitarists pleas to correct their mistakes, Is it worth the risk?

My version of this process is as follows and is all inclusive under the term Pro Set-Up (Not to be confused with the term Factory Set-Up)

  1. Fret level and set check.  Fret dress profile and polish as required.

  2. Top nut string heights set.

  3. Truss rod set for chosen string gauge.

  4. Overall action and intonation set.

  5. Electrics check pots and switches cleaned.  (Please note: all necessary wiring work and replacement parts will be charged separately and are not included in the pro set up charge.  Please refer to electric's page for more information)

  6. Tuning heads check, loose buttons, string hold etc.

  7. Strap button check.

  8. Screws and shim angle check. (Bolt on necks)

  9. Pick-up heights set. (Magnet grab etc)

  10. Re-string to customers requirement.

  11. General clean.

Quotes are free, consultations by appointment only.  Most work is guaranteed with a swift turnaround for busy musicians.

Turn around for all Setups is usually 3 working days min unless otherwise arranged.

My all inclusive version of a Pro Set-Up includes a Fret level check, Fret set check, Fret dress profile and polish as required, ensuring a quality end result, avoiding complicated pricing structures and representing excellent value for money.

do not be fooled, a set up without a fret skim, profile and polish is not a pro set-up only a part set up, why pay more or in some cases twice !


FULL PRO SETUP £50.00 + strings add £10 for trem guitars and 12 string guitars.


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